Welcome to BoxwoodShades.com

We offer high quality polarized wooden sunglasses.

Our frames are constructed with either recycled skateboard decks or renewable bamboo. Every pair of Boxwood Shades has a unique woodgrain look making no pair exactly alike, just like all of us. We use bamboo because of its unique ability to grow up to 3.28 feet per day. That's serious growth that we can take advantage of.

Every pair has premium certified UV400 polarized lenses, with spring-fit hinges for comfort and durability.

Open your eyes and step into the sun.


Classy and sophisticated. We could say more but there's no better way to define these. The R-Type is just classy.

PRICE: $35.00

Try these on. You're going to love them.

PRICE: $35.00

Take command. Step in to the light and wear these shades with a hint of authority. You'll look great and your friends? They'd like to try your sunglasses on if you don't mind.

PRICE: $35.00

If you haven't seen the world through lenses like these, what kind of life are you living?

A smooth dark brown wooden pair of polarized UV400 sunglasses. Great for a cocktail(s) on the patio or just about any activity involving the star we continue to (fingers crossed) rotate around.

Sale Price: $30.00

R³ (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
They're polarized, they're made entirely of recycled material, and, oh yeah, they'll make you re-evaluate your summer wardrobe. They're THAT stylish.

PRICE: $35.00

Quality, Style, UV400 protection. Jackson's has it all. A blend of two classic styles, Aviators and Wayfarers, with the added subtlety of beautifully finished durable wood, we're talking classic.

PRICE: $35.00

Beautiful and strange. Sustainably made of recycled skateboard material. That's a world I want to live in.

PRICE: $35.00

What you need this summer is a stunning pair of sunglasses.

You're in luck. This is a mix of two classic styles. It's like Aviators and Wayfarers had a gorgeous wooden offspring. BEULAH is the result. So pick up a pair and go for a tasting at a winery or cocktails on the patio.
You'll look fantastic with these on.

PRICE: $35.00

Were you in a fire, or are you just naturally that hot? Terrible pick-up-line, but totally accurate when it comes to these shades. That ashy look looks really good on you. Really.

PRICE: $39.50